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Reddit Cup | Season 1

5vs5 - Single Elimination

Counter Strike Go

Format5vs5 - Single Elimination

Begins 2014-04-26T19:00:00+00:00


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Tournament info

Reddit Cup Config:!S8QAlYIA!3LUmk7LM1EtjtH3JVQQdl8_NLvj9eAMlqh5RW5kOc7s

Questions ? : Enter the Reddit Cup GameVox! The Server info is : Momentum E-Sports
To Download GameVox go to:

Day 1: Saturday, April 26th (32 team single-elimination bo3 bracket)

Round of 32: 12:00 PM PST

Round of 16: 2:30 PM PST

Round of 8: 4:00 PM PST

Day 2: Sunday, April 27th (8 team single-elimination bo3 bracket)

Round of 8: 12:00 PM PST

Round of 4: 1:30 PM PST

Grand Finals: 3:00 PM PST

The brackets for this event will be generated after seeding has taken place.

Rules & Regulations

Officials reserves the right to modify all rules/settings as deemed necessary by Officials, in order to provide fair competition. Unsportsmanlike behavior, such as racism/sexism, abusive remarks, and general disrespect; will not be tolerated and will be punishable as deemed appropriate by Officials. Teams joining this tournament will be expected to agree to the schedule listed in the description of the tournament.


IMPORTANT: Each team MUST have one representative connected to the Reddit Cup GameVox during the tournament, able to speak to a Officials official regarding match/server scheduling. All Servers must use the REDDIT CUP CONFIG:!S8QAlYIA!3LUmk7LM1EtjtH3JVQQdl8_NLvj9eAMlqh5RW5kOc7s
Also , Players Must be in CANADA // North America

Reddit Cup GameVox Server : Momentum E-Sports

MAP Pool:

Map Details:
EACH GAME WILL BE Best of 3 ( Bo3 )
Each Team will Knife for Map choice and Side.
Winner chooses map and Side.
loser of the 1st match chooses the next map.
Tie-Breaker Map: De_Mirage

Game Settings/Match Process:

A match consists of two, 15 round halves. First team to win 16 rounds, wins the match.
Freeze Time - 15 seconds
Round Time - One minute and 45 seconds.
Max Rounds Per Side - 15
Round Start Money - $800
Team Selection - The home team chooses to start as Terrorist or Counter Terrorist upon joining the assigned game server.
Overtime Max Rounds - 3
Overtime Start Money - $10,000
Overtime Team Selection - Teams play the side they last played in regulation.
Once a match goes live, the map will not be restarted for any reason.
Player and Roster Restrictions:
Players are limited to one team, per event.
Team rosters must have at least 5 members, and are limited to 10 players total, per team.
The use of a "ringer" (player not on your teams roster) will be prohibited without the consent of officials.
Forfeit Wins/Loses:
Each team must be in the assigned server within 20 minutes of the scheduled default time.
If after 20 minutes from the scheduled start time, a team does not show, that team will receive a forfeit loss.
Each team must consist of at least 4 players for a match to proceed. Once a match has started, you may play with less than 4 players if needed.
If neither of the teams show for the match, the bracket will be adjusted accordingly.

Server Requirements/Crashes:
If there are server side/client side issues (DDOS attacks, lag/ping issues, player drops, etc), the game will be initiated by and only by officials.
At the time of the match, each team will be asked to choose 3 server locations of their preference.

There is absolutely no form of cheating/hacking allowed in any Reddit Cup event. This includes manipulation of server configurations/variables, client configurations/variables, models, entities, textures, weapons, or sounds. Cheating/hacking include but is not limited to anything that alters the game in any way the game developer did not intend for (wall hacks, aim bots, macros, speed hacks, etc.) Any form of cheating/hacking/violation will be punishable at the discretion of officials.

POV Recordings: All players must record a demo per match. These recordings will be requested if a team is disputed for hack/cheat accusations.
If you suspect that your opponent is violating any of the rules/requirements, you must talk with support in GameVox within 20 minutes of the match final. Officials will be readily available during tournament times, to ensure an accurate tournament schedule.

Match Exploits:
Walking / Boosting Through Walls: Walking or boosting through walls, floors, or roofs is not allowed
Map Exploits: Boosts that result in clipping are illegal. Clipping is when a player is either boosted through a solid layer, or when a player manipulates him/herself so that they can see over, under, and/or through any solid entity such as a wall or box. It is illegal to boost on a spot where there is no surface directly below you and your model must not appear to be floating.

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