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League of Legends Tourney to benefit the Red Cross

5vs5 - Single Elimination

League of Legends

Format5vs5 - Single Elimination

Begins 2014-03-29T18:20:00+00:00


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Tournament info

Congratulations to all the teams!

The brackets for this event will be generated after seeding has taken place.

Rules & Regulations

General Rules

Pause: 10 minutes maximum, of pause time, no more than 3 pauses, no pause during team battles.
Team size - 5v5 (3 subs allowed)
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Summoner Pick: Tournament Draft
Tournament Mode: Single Elimination all rounds. 1 game will be played for 3rd/4th place after semi-finals. FINALS will be best 2 out of 3.
Check In Time: 7AM to 11AM PST on March 29, 2014
Start Time : 11AM PST (may start slightly later depending on signups..check back for updates)
$24 entry fee will be required by team captain during check-in. When you check in, the donation window will automatically appear.

1st Place Tournament Prize:
- A trip for 5 to Los Angeles to see the North American League of Legends Championship Series LIVE. Includes 5 coach round-trip Delta Airlines flights from anywhere in the Continental United States (or select Canadian Cities, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Calgary) to Los Angeles on April 4th thru April 6th.. Includes 2 Hotel rooms for 2 Nights on April 4 and April 5 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel (within walking distance of Riot's NA LCS Studio!). Includes 5 passes for April 5th and April 6th to the NA LCS tournament. .Must be age of majority in your country of residence.
- A Private Meet & Greet with one of the NA LCS Pro Teams on April 5th!
- Triumphant Ryze Skin for each player
- 3200 RP for each player
- 1 Pair of Creative Recreation Shoes for each player

2nd Place Tournament Prize:
- 9400 RP per player

3rd Place Tournament Prize:
-6480 RP per player

4th Place Tournament Prize:
-4300 RP per player.

NOTE: If 1st place team is unable to take the trip, we are happy to facilitate discussion with other winning teams to see if they would like to trade prize packages. PRIZES HAVE NO MONETARY VALUE AND CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED OR SOLD.

Who’s Eligible to enter: This contest is open internationally to persons who have reached the age of majority in their countries of residence. Void where prohibited by law. Void in Sweden, Malaysia, Spain and countries on the United States list of embargoed countries. Please note that 1st place prize flights can only be guaranteed inside the continental United States.

FULL LONG LEGAL RULES CAN BE VIEWED HERE FOR FUN! (please cut and paste into your browser).

1. Player Eligibility
To be eligible to compete in the Tournament players must meet the following conditions:

1.1 League of Legends account
Players must have a League of Legends account on the North American server. They must also have at least 16
champions available.

1.2 Xfire account
You will need to have an Xfire account on and you will need to have a summoner
name attached to your profile.

1.3 Xfire team
Players will need to have an Xfire teams that consists of at least 5 players all with summoner names,
The team captain can register your team for tournaments. All players will need to check in to play on the day of the Tournament.

2. Lobby Creation

The team that is shown to be on top between the Vs. creates the match and is blue side

Map: Summoner's Rift
Team Size: 5
Game Type: Draft Mode
Allow Spectators: All
Name: (Your Team's Name) vs (Enemy's Team Name)

Please make sure to report your win on the brackets link on the Xfire website.

3. Match Rules and Disputing
It is a team's responsibility to screenshot and report the enemy if they are breaking any of the following rules, failure to report immediately and you forfeit the right to dispute later.

The use of an ineligible player
Unsportsmanlike behaviour in lobby chat
Pausing when there is no engagement between teams
Placeholders are not allowed
Opposing team is a no show at 10 minutes past start time.

3. Penalties

Any rules broken will result in an immediate disqualification from the tournament and one week ban.

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