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  • Create Custom Tournaments

    Quick & easy setup. Saves you time.

  • Game Integration

    Comprehensive software. Focus on your fun.

  • Global Search

    Find competitions where you live.

Who is using Xfire?

  • Boa Compra
  • Gaijin Entertainment
  • UOL
  • Level Up Games
  • Fifa World


  • Simple team creation

    Simple team creation

    Set up your team and compete within minutes.

  • Find tournaments easily

    Find the perfect tournament, now!

    Search thousands of tournaments by game and region in real-time.

  • Find tournaments easily

    Stats tracking

    Relive your glory and prepare for new challenges.

We have streaming on tap!

Get maximum exposure for your tournament by streaming it live to millions of viewers.

  • Twitch
  • Hitbox


  • Instant tournament creation

    Fast Tournament Creation

    Our tournament 'wizard' saves you time and stress in five easy steps.

  • Create fully validated tournaments

    Fully validated tournaments

    Prevent unforeseen slip ups with full tournament validation.

  • Automated!

    Automated Score Reporting

    Put down the pen & paper. We'll handle this. League of Legends supported. More games coming soon.

What they have been saying

  • Michael O'Dell

    Michael O'Dell

    Team Owner - Team Dignitas

    Team Dignitas has been working with Xfire for years so having a dedicated place to manage what tournaments our various squads compete in is a god send. We are happy and excited to be able to use the Xfire tournament system for our own cups and tournaments.

  • Nuno 'Ignite' Pinho

    Nuno "Ignite" Pinho

    Rank Top 100 Warlock - Team MYM

    Started playing on XFire around March in their Hearthstone tournaments and the competition was great with top players from all over. I'm looking forward to future events that I can play in!

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