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Maestro is an internationally accepted debit card provided by the payment provider Mastercard. It’s one of the most common forms of the debit cards used in a lot of different countries worldwide. Many casino players are drawn to Maestro thanks to its ease of use and the fact that it’s backed by MasterCard, a world-renowned company.


Although it’s more difficult to obtain a Maestro card than some other payment providers, it’s a great option for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, particularly for new players. The service is incredibly safe to use and is specially made for online payments.  Whilst you do have to enter your payment details online, Maestro has great security in place to ensure that you won’t be the victim of fraud.


Thanks to its availability in so many different countries and ease of use for new players, Maestro has become a highly popular payment method for casino players. Hundreds of online casinos currently accept Maestro as a payment type. If you’d like to check out the full list of online casinos and learn more about this service, read on for the full list and helpful guide.

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What is Maestro?

Maestro is a type of debit card which is offered by banks around the world. It can be used to make purchases online and at most shops and ATMs. Prepaid Maestro cards are also available which can give you a bit more security and peace of mind when making online payments. To get a Maestro card you’ll first need to sign up with a banking service that provides the card. This process will be the same as signing up to any bank, requiring your full details before you can be approved with an account. The sign up process can take a while and you may need to wait 1-2 weeks before you receive your card.

Using Your Maestro Card Online

Maestro is just like any debit card in that it’s incredibly fast and easy to use, especially when making payments online. You can make payments including deposits to your casino account by simply entering your card details when prompted. Make sure to keep your details secure and only give them out to trusted sites. Making withdrawals using your Maestro card is also a simple process, usually requiring the same details as when you make deposits. Check first that the online casino you’re using allows withdrawals using Maestro card as some still don’t accept the service. You may also find that withdrawals take a bit longer to process than deposits so your funds may take a day or two to enter your account.

Advantages of Maestro

Maestro’s main advantage is the simplicity that it provides to its users. Rather than needing to make an account and load funds onto your account, you have a debit card with your bank’s funds ready to go. Another big advantage of Maestro over some other payment providers is the security that it provides. Maestro is part of Mastercard, one of the biggest payment providers in the world. This huge company goes to great lengths to ensure that its customers are protected from fraud. If you do encounter any problem with your card or your funds, you have peace of mind knowing that you can contact Maestro customer service and get the issue resolved quickly.

Disadvantages of Maestro

Although Maestro is really easy to use once you’re all set up, actually opening an account and getting your card is a fairly long and difficult process compared to some other services. If you want to set up an account instantly, it’s probably not the best choice. Another disadvantage of the service is that unfortunately, whilst it’s still accepted by many casinos as a deposit method, Maestro is still not supported as a withdrawal method for many sites. We hope this can change over time, but for now, you may need to use your Maestro card in conjunction with another service like an e-Wallet to withdraw funds from your casino account.