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Newly updated for February 2020

Unfortunately, due to new changes in Australian law, a lot of major online casino sites no longer accept Australian players. Recently, the Australian Government passed the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill which restricts online casinos. Whereas before, Australian players could enjoy casinos that were licensed by the UKGC and other regulators, now only online casinos licensed by the Australian government can accept players from Australia.


This means that the best online casino sites are no longer available for Australians. However, you can still find some great sites that offer sports betting. At Xfire, we’ve made things easier for you by compiling a list of our favorite sports betting sites that still accept Australian players.

Top 10 Casinos in Australia - February 2020

How the Interactive Gambling Act Brings Changes to Best Online Casinos in Australia

The last two years have seen unprecedented growth in the world of online gambling. More online casinos than every have opened and players are enjoying the benefits that the increased competition brings.

Unfortunately, Australian players aren’t included in the increased numbers of people able to enjoy online casinos. This is thanks to the Australian Government passing a new amendment to the Interactive Gambling Act. The change in law has meant that online casinos not based in Australia are no longer able to allow Australian players to sign up.

Unfortunately, as online casinos around the world grow in popularity and provide better experiences for their players, those living in Australia miss out on all the fun. Australia has a rich gambling history with the country famous for its love of “Pokies” Australian slang for slot games. Although it’s still possible for Australian sites to offer some form of gambling and casino games, right now these are few and far between.

For now, the Interactive Gambling Act only stifles progress and means that Australian casino lovers are unable to enjoy the latest and best casino games. If things change, however, Xfire will be ready to review and test out the latest online casinos operating in Australia.

The History of Online Gambling in Australia

The increased number of punters making bets and gambling online is no doubt thanks to the rapid increase in popularity of the internet in the late 90s and early 2000s. Increasingly availability of high-speed internet has meant that casino lovers everywhere are enjoying themselves online more than ever.

Australia has a deep love for casino games and gambling in general. The country has a major gambling industry and a large number of Aussie adults have admitted to enjoying regular bets and action on slot games known as Pokies.

As casinos moved into the online world, smartphones started becoming more common and soon online casinos experienced an even bigger increase in popularity. As more people got online than ever, the ability to play games on the go was a big reason for the increasing success of the online casino. In 2017 it was estimated that well over half of online casino games in Australia were being played on mobile devices.

Seeing the growth in this industry, the Australian government decided to enact laws to prevent Australian cash from flowing out of the country. Laws passed in 2017 were brought in to stop overseas casino operators from being able to allow Australians to play. Whereas before, Australian players had enjoyed the benefits of online casinos regulated by the UK and Malta, now they were left with nothing.

What’s Next for Online Casinos in Australia?

For now, the future of online casinos in Australia is still uncertain. It’s clear that unless the government undoes the work they have done, overseas casino operators won’t be able to accept Australian players.

The changes were brought in to stop Australian cash from leaving the country but it’s clear that online casinos can also be an enormous positive for the economy of a country. Many countries have allowed online gambling with no downsides and as long as responsible gambling is promoted, it can be a great past time for many people to enjoy.

As it stands, there aren’t any online casinos operating in Australia but hopefully, this can change in the future. We wouldn’t want the Australians to miss out on all the fun!

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