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Frequently asked questions

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Xfire general

* What is Xfire?

Xfire is a free application that combines multiple gaming tools into one powerful tool to alleviate the need to run multiple different gaming related programs. For instance, Xfire allows you to chat with your friends, see what games they are playing, what servers they are playing on and join them instantly with one click. Xfire also allows you to show off your gaming skills by capturing screenshots and videos and uploading them to your Profile page on the Xfire website. For more details on all of Xfire’s great features check out our Product Tour.* How do I get started using Xfire?

You’ll need two things to get started, the Xfire software and an Xfire user name, both of which are free.

Click this link to download the Xfire software now. Once downloading is complete, double-click the Xfire installer icon and follow the instructions to finish installation.

You can create your account directly from the Xfire software by clicking the New User Registration link or from the Xfire website here: http://www.xfire.com/register/

* Is Xfire really free? What’s the catch?

Xfire is completely free. Xfire is supported by leading sponsors in the gaming industry, and brings relevant advertising messages to you. But rest easy; we do not sell, exchange, or share any user information with anyone. If you need further clarification on how we handle user information, read our Privacy Policy.

* Who makes Xfire?

Xfire was originally developed in 2003 by the team at Ultimate Arena. For current information about the team behind Xfire, visit the About Us section of this website.

* What games does Xfire currently support?

Xfire supports the latest and best PC games, with more being added constantly! Mosey on over to the Games page on the Xfire website to peruse the current list of games that Xfire supports.

* How is Xfire different from a game server browser?

Game server browsers help you find game servers to play on, but leave you on your own when it comes to playing with your buddies. Gamers regularly deal with the hassles of finding a game server to play on together and resort to having to cut & paste server IPs or call each other.

We at Xfire believe gaming should be gamer-centric rather than game server-centric. It’s simply more fun to play with your buddies than it is to play on some random game server against strangers. You still get the standard server browser info in Xfire (e.g. ping, # of players, map, etc.), but we show you when and what games your buddies are playing, what server they’re playing on, and you can join their server with a click of a button.

* How can I make suggestions for new games that I want Xfire to support? How does Xfire decide on which new games to support?

You can post your suggestions for games you would like to see supported by Xfire in our New Game Ideas forum. Threads with the most replies and Users requesting a given title will be more likely to get noticed. We are always going to add the new releases and now Xfire can release support right away via the Xfire Download System!

* How can I make suggestions for improvement or enhancement to Xfire?

Xfire couldn’t exist without your help and support. Got an incredible idea? Heck, got a mild improvement? Then we’d love to hear it! Create a thread in our Feature Suggestions section of the forums and tell us all about it!

* Is it pronounced X-Fire or Cross Fire?

It’s pronounced X-Fire.

* Does Xfire provide games for free?

While there are some games that are free to download, Xfire does not actually supply games for free that are sold at retail. Instead, you must purchase a game (from a retailer) and install it on your machine. Then Xfire detects your game and provides various features depending upon the game.

There are a limited number of games that are actually free to download and play. They can be found on our Xfire Files page, but can also be found for free on their respective websites. If you click the ‘Full Games’ link, found under the ‘By file type’ heading, you will find the following page with a list of downloadable games: http://www.xfire.com/

Downloading / installation

What are the system requirements for Xfire?

System Requirements

  • PC with a Pentium processor running Windows XP, 2000, Vista, or 7
  • 10 MB available hard drive space recommended
  • Desktop resolution of 800 x 600 at 256 colors (1024 x 768 at 16 bit color or higher recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 with Service Pack 1 or higher
  • Internet connection (broadband recommended)

Additional Requirements for Xfire In-Game:

    • DirectX 9.0c or higher
    • Video Driver that supports DirectX 9.0c

* How do I install Xfire?

Installation is a breeze. You can find detailed instructions to install Xfire on the Download page of Xfire’s website.

* I didn’t choose to have the Xfire shortcuts placed on my desktop and system tray during installation, but I changed my mind. How do I create shortcuts now?

Having a single button to create shortcuts for Xfire is something that could be coming down the road for a future release, but for now you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Xfire’s default install location is “C:\Program Files\Xfire”. Navigate to there, or to wherever you decided to actually install it. Right-click on Xfire.exe, and click “Create Shortcut.” You can then put the shortcut wherever you want on your desktop, in your system tray, in Internet Explorer – wherever you might have a sudden craving to launch it. Alternatively, you could click on the Xfire.exe icon, hold the Alt key, and drag it anywhere. This will automatically create a shortcut as well.

* Can I set up Xfire on multiple PCs?

Of course! You can install Xfire on as many computers as you like (being that Xfire is free and all) and log in to any of them. Your list of friends and favorite servers will follow you around! Right now, however, your custom statuses are linked to only the machine you create them on, so you’ll have to think of new, witty phrases to use at each system. But you can setup Xfire at home, on your laptop, at work, and at your friends’ computer. The small installation makes it easy to download anywhere!

* I logged in and Xfire started to automatically update, why?

Xfire typically updates every three weeks. The updates are of course free like Xfire. We are constantly making changes to the Xfire software, such as new features or bugs fixes. These changes are to both the Xfire software as well as its servers. This is why it is not an option to disable the update as it may contain critical fixes and will help ensure stability.

If you are able to receive a file through the Xfire Download system then you will get the updater file a few days ahead of everyone else. That means when we update you will already have the file ready to go and will not have to wait to download it. It will simply update and you’ll be able to log in immediately.

* Is there a Macintosh or Linux version of Xfire?

No. While we do want to support gamers regardless of operating system, right now we’re focusing on working on the features and development of Xfire for Windows based systems only. It is possible that in the future we will port Xfire over to other operating systems but for now it is Windows only.

* How do I uninstall Xfire?

The process for uninstalling Xfire is similar to other Windows programs. Begin by ensuring that Xfire is closed completely (Xfire | Exit).

    In Windows XP:

  1. Access the Add or Remove Programs tool (go to Start -> Control Panel and double click on Add or Remove Programs).
  2. Scroll down to Xfire and select it from the list by clicking on it.
  3. Now click Remove and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the uninstall.
    In Windows Vista:

  1. From the Windows (Start) Menu select Control Panel.
  2. Now double click on the ‘Programs and Features’ tool to open it.
  3. Find Xfire on the list of programs and highlight it by clicking on it.
  4. Click the ‘Uninstall’ button at the top of the list and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the uninstall.

Remember, the Xfire client must be closed for the uninstall to be successful.

Xfire user account

I just installed Xfire. How do I register an account?

The very first time you launch Xfire, you will be given the option to register a new User account. If you close that window by mistake, right below the Username field you’ll notice a link titled “New User Registration.” Click this link to re-open the New User Registration window. You can also register a new User account on our website here.

Here are some tips to remember when creating a new Xfire account:

  • User names are lower-case letters and numbers only.
  • Be sure to enter a valid email address.
  • Passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least five characters.

Once you’ve created your account, you can enter your Xfire Username and Password at the login screen and start gaming on Xfire.

* Why should I enter a valid e-mail address when registering an account on Xfire?

Having a valid e-mail address associated with your Xfire account allows your friends to easily search for you even if they don’t know your Xfire username.

Another reason it is important to register with a valid e-mail address is in case you lose your password or username; your e-mail address will be used to recover that information through the Lost Password system.

Xfire is not in the business of selling your private information. We are about creating a better gaming experience for our users. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy on Xfire please read our Privacy Policy.

* How can I update my email address?

You can update pretty much all your information right from the Xfire Profile page. Launch Xfire, open the Xfire menu, and select Activity Report. This should launch your default web browser and take you to your Xfire Home page.

Click the Profile link under your avatar on the left of the page. Then click the Edit Profile link. This may require you to re-enter your login information.

Once at the Edit Settings page, click the Account tab to modify your current contact email (*Real Email). Click the Save changes button once you are finished.

Be sure to revisit the Edit Settings page and verify your email address again after you have updated it.

* How do I verify my email address?

Xfire is now requiring a valid email address for certain features of the website.

If you need to validate your email address, first add [email protected] to your email safe list then follow these steps:

  • Login to Xfire.com.
  • Click Profile.
  • Click Edit Profile.
  • In the ‘Real Email’ field, be sure your email address is correct.
  • Click Verify your email address.
  • Click the Verify button.

At this point an email is sent to your registered email address. Login to that email account and simply click the link in the email you received from Xfire. For security purposes, this must be done from the same browser and IP address you clicked the Verify link from.

If at any time you change your registered email address you will need to verify it again.

* Can I have more than one Xfire username or can I change my username?=

You cannot change your registered username. You can however register another Xfire username if you like but beware that you will not be able to transfer your Friends list, Gaming History or any data from one account (username) to another.

A great alternative is to simply change your “nickname” which changes how your name is displayed to other people. To change your “nickname” in Xfire:

  • Click the Tools menu, then select Options.
  • On the General tab you will see the field labeled “My nickname”.
  • Type your nickname here and click Ok.

You can also change your nickname from the Edit Profile page on our website.

* How do I change my Xfire password?

To change your Xfire password, first you must be logged into the Xfire website. Once logged into the Xfire website go to http://www.xfire.com/profile/ or click any of the “profile” links on our site (your Avatar will work too). At the top of the “Details” section of your Xfire Profile on the right-hand side is the Edit Profile link. Click that to access the settings and preferences of your Xfire account. After clicking on “Edit Profile” you will be asked to login again, this is normal. This is an extra security measure in place to protect your account. For your security, always be sure the link in the address bar is from Xfire.com when entering your username and password.

Once you are on the Edit Settings page:

  • Click the Password tab.
  • Enter your new password in each field.
  • Click Save Changes to update your Xfire password.

*Note* For your security, always be sure any link used to enter your username and password is from the Xfire.com domain.

* I forgot my Xfire Password. What do I do?

Ack! There’s nothing worse than a login screen with a Password you’ve forgotten/mislaid/eaten. Our lost password process is a little different. Go to the Lost Password Recovery page, type in just your username and click the “Go to next step” button. This will send you a Confirmation Code to the email you originally registered your Xfire account with.

In the email you will have a hyperlink which takes you back to the lost password page and pre-populates your confirmation code. Click the Submit button to receive a temporary password.

Login to the website with the temporary password, click Profile, Edit Profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter a new password. Click Save Changes.

If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please send an email to [email protected] listing both your Xfire username and the email address that you originally registered the account with.

* I forgot both my Xfire Username and Password. What do I do?

Now you’re in trouble. Just kidding. If the Lost password recovery system is not working for you (not getting the email, invalid code), please send an email to [email protected] with the user name you wish to recover. The email must be sent from either the email address that you created the Xfire account with, or from the email address that the account is currently set to. Make the subject of the email “Lost Password”.

Requests are usually replied to within three business days from being received.

* Is there a way to remove a game from my profile?

Yes. You may hide games on your Gaming History by going to your Edit Profile link.

Scroll down the page to “Game Preferences”. Click the “Show or Hide games” button. Use the check boxes to indicate which games you wish to hide. Click Save Changes.

* The Username I wanted is taken, but that person has ‘No Games Played’. Can I have that account?

No, we do not reset Usernames or accounts.

We may clear out the unused accounts in the future, but there is no timetable for this.

* Some Users have more hours played for “this week” than is possible in seven days. Why?

Xfire records your game time as “sessions”. As long as Xfire and the game are both running you are recording that session. Let’s say you leave a game sitting at the main menu for three days. When you quit the game, Xfire will record 72 hours for that session. This is why some Users Profile (or miniprofile) show more hours for “This week” than there are in seven days.

* How do I cancel or delete my Xfire account?

Currently there is no User option to cancel an account.

Like many other free services on the internet we do not recycle accounts.

Here’s one thing you can do to protect your info before discontinuing your use of the program. In your Xfire client go to Tools | Options | Privacy tab and uncheck “Show on my profile and miniprofile.” This will hide your extended profile information, gaming history and friends list from other users browsing the website.

Connecting to xfire/login troubleshooting

How can I automatically log in to Xfire when I start my computer?

You’ve got places to see, people to frag and quests to fulfill. If typing in a Username and Password eats into your online gaming time, we’d recommend checking the “Save Password” and “Auto-Login” boxes on the login screen. Now the next time you login to Xfire it will launch directly into the last Username and Password used.
If you did not check “Run Xfire when Windows Starts” in the installation process, you can always enable this feature later from the Tools | Options | General tab in your Xfire client. Check the box next to “Automatically launch Xfire when I startup my computer”.
* I am behind a firewall and cannot connect to Xfire no matter what I do. I think I need to configure my firewall, but what port does Xfire use?

Now we’re getting technical. First off, you don’t need to jeopardize your security to use this service. Xfire uses TCP port 25999, and you’ll be connecting to the cs.xfire.com server. Make these changes to your firewall, and you’ll soon be locating your online compadres with the best of them. If there’s still no joy in logging on after you fiddle with the firewall modifications, post in the Technical Support – OPEN forum. Be sure to include pertinent information on your firewall (the brand, model, and software version number), and we’ll toil with you until the problem is fixed.

For more in-depth information on what ports Xfire uses see the advanced FAQ here: What ports does Xfire use?

* I have Norton Internet Security and can’t login to Xfire! Why?

As of the 2005 edition, go to Norton Personal Firewall. Click Configure. Click Custom Level. Then check the box that says “Enable Control Access alerts”. Then Norton will give you a pop up that allows you to permit Xfire to connect to the internet.

You can also do this manually. Configure> Programs tab> Click Add. Browse to the xfire.exe. (Default is C:\Program Files\Xfire) You may need to also add xfire_exception.exe to the list as well.

You will have to repeat this everytime Xfire updates, since the firewall will view Xfire as a new or changed program.

* How do I allow Xfire into the Windows XP firewall?

To allow Xfire into the Windows firewall built into WinXP:

  • Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel.
  • Double click Windows Firewall.
  • Click the Exceptions Tab.
  • Click Add Program.
  • Find Xfire in the list, highlight it and click OK.

You may need to also add xfire_exception.exe to the list as well.

You can also add the Xfire connection port on the Exceptions tab:

  • Click Add Port.
  • In the Name field enter: cs.xfire.com
  • In the Port field enter: 25999
  • Make sure the TCP radio button is checked.

You may have to re-add Xfire to your exceptions list each time we update.

* How do I allow Xfire into McAfee Personal Firewall?

Open your McAfee Security Center.

  • Click Personal Firewall.
  • Click “View the Internet Applications List”.
  • Click “New allowed application”.
  • Browse to the Xfire.exe in your Xfire directory and select it.
  • Click “Ok”.

You may need to also add xfire_exception.exe to the list as well.

This should allow Xfire to connect. You may have to repeat these steps each time Xfire updates. McAfee can be configured to alert you and give you the option to permit after the program is “changed”.

* Xfire just auto-updated and I can no longer log in. I receive a DNS error or the connection times out. How do I resolve this?

This is commonly caused by security software after Xfire updates or is reinstalled. This is a security measure to prevent programs that have been altered from connecting to your network. Since each Xfire update replaces the .exe, security software views it as a ‘new or changed’ program.

Even if you previously allowed Xfire.exe in your security software, after each update you may need to re-allow the new version of Xfire on your firewall, anti-virus and other programs with ‘permissions’. In some security programs you may need to remove the permissions for Xfire completely and reboot your PC. Your software should prompt you to allow the new version of Xfire.

Rebooting your PC after updating your permissions is usually a good idea since some security programs require a system restart in order for the new permissions to take effect.

If you have completely disabled your firewall and/or security software, please try re-enabling it and then make the appropriate permission changes (remove them and add them back) followed by rebooting your machine. Then try to connect again.

If you aren’t sure how to configure your permissions, please consult the online support or documentation that came with your security software for “allowing internet applications” or “program permissions”.

If you still have trouble after re-allowing Xfire, then please head over to our Technical Support – OPEN forum and create a new topic with details about your network conditions and the troubleshooting steps in this FAQ that you have already tried. It also helps to post a screen shot of your running processes so we can get an idea of what is running on your PC. Sort your process list by Image name and make sure we can clearly see the entire name of the .exe files in the list. If it takes two screen shots to see the entire list that’s fine.

We hope this FAQ helped you get re-connected to Xfire!

* Xfire freezes right when I login! What is causing this?

Some anti-spyware programs like “Spyware Doctor” or “Stopzilla” will view Xfire as a threat and halt the process before it can connect to the internet. This is why Xfire appears to crash or freeze when you login.

To prevent this, be sure to allow Xfire.exe and xfire_exception.exe in your anti-spyware programs exceptions list or allowed programs list.

For details on how to do this please consult the online support or documentation that was included with your security software.

* Xfire will not save my username and password even if I check the ‘Save Password’ box at the login screen. Why?

This usually occurs with non-English versions of Windows. Xfire cannot read non-English (ASCII) characters such as ό, з, ś. Any letters that are not within A-Z, a-z, or 0-9 will result in Xfire being unable to save to the folders required for remembering your login information.

You cannot fix this by simply changing your Windows username because all of your user data is already saved in folders with the non-English characters .Instead, you’ll need to create an entirely new Windows username that does not use non-English characters.

Privacy and security

With whom does Xfire share my information?

Nobody. We’re not the sort of company to sell, exchange, or share any personal information with anybody. Nothing you type in when you register your UserName, Password, and email ever leaves our database. The best place to learn how we handle user information is the Privacy Policy page.

* Why do I have to enter my email address while registering on Xfire? What are you going to do with my email address?

We’re certainly not going to share it with anyone, so don’t worry. However, for our users’ security, Xfire only responds to the email addresses that you specify. This is especially relevant if you lose your Password and need to retrieve it, or when updates are available to download. Remember, we’re not in the business of selling, exchanging, or sharing our users’ information with a third party. We are in the business of making your online gaming as stress-free and friend-packed as possible. If you need to check our Privacy Policy, this tells you just how we handle user information.

* When I type in my friends email addresses to invite them to use Xfire, will you spam them with future emails?

We don’t keep your friends’ email addresses until they become registered Xfire users, and we certainly don’t spam them with annoying email clutter!

* How do I block another Xfire User from messaging me?

If someone is “spamming” you or being abusive, they are on your Friends list, Friends of Friends list, or they are in a Community that you are a member of.

If the User is on your Friends list, you should delete them by highlighting their name and pressing the “Delete” key on your keyboard or right clicking their name and selecting “Remove Friend”.

If they are on your Friends of Friends list, right click on their name and select “Block User”. You can also get this menu under Tools | Friends. This will prevent the blocked user from sending you instant messages, Chat Room, Voice Chat and Friend invites. You can also do this right from the Instant message window, Actions | Block User.

If they are on your Clan/Guild/Team list, you can block them the same way as you would block a Friends of Friends user.

To unblock someone go to Tools | Options | Privacy tab. Highlight their username in the Block list and click “Remove”.

If you wish to disable the Friends of Friends feature altogether, go to Tools | Options | Privacy tab and uncheck “Show friends of my friends”.

* Where do I find my Privacy settings and how do they work?

Some features of the Xfire website and miniprofile are actually controlled from the Xfire software client.

To get to your Privacy settings go to Tools | Options | Privacy tab. The list of options and their functions are:

  • Show my friends – Displays what game you are playing to people on your Friends list (this must be enabled for Xfire to track your game hours).
  • Show on my profile and miniprofile – Displays your current status and Gaming History on your Xfire.com Profile and Xfire Miniprofile.
  • Show my game server data – Displays the IP address and other info about the server you are currently playing on.
  • Track kill/death stats for display on profile – This allows Xfire to collect kills and deaths for games that are supported by Xfire Game statistics. See here for more info: Game Statistics FAQs
  • Show Friends of my friends – Displays a list of common friends in your Xfire friends list and will allow people not on your Friends list to message you, join your game or send you a friend invite.
  • Show my Voice Chat server to my friends – Allows friends to see your Teamspeak or Ventrilo IP address.
  • Show people when I type to them – Displays a notification in the IM window when you are typing a message back to a friend.
  • Idle Status – Allows you to set the time when Xfire will set your status to AFK (Away from keyboard)

* Why does my security software detect Xfire as a keylogger?

The file that is actually causing this false positive is xfire_toucan_xxxxx.dll. This dll will hook into windows watching for keyboard and mouse activity. The reason it does this is for our ‘auto-afk’ feature which you can enable on the Tools | Options | Privacy tab. In order to know whether or not you’re afk, we have to monitor the keyboard.

We also use toucan to do In-Game messaging. For In-Game it actually injects itself into every running process to determine if it’s a game, and if it is a game, whether or not it supports XIG and should ‘hook in’ to the process.

* How do I prevent my inbox spam filter from blocking Xfire emails?

When you register your Xfire account, you should receive a welcome email from us. Other than that, Xfire typically will only send you an email if you request it. Those cases being “Lost passwords” and “email verification” for using the Xfire website features like Clans & Guilds.

Two of the more popular free email services are Hotmail and Gmail. We’re going to list the steps to add [email protected] (Xfire emails) to the “whitelist” for those two services.

For Gmail: Typically Xfire emails are sent straight to the inbox in Gmail. However, if you want to make sure you get emails from us:

  1. Login to your Gmail account/inbox.
  2. Select “Contacts” on the left navigational bar.
  3. Select the + button (“add contact”)
  4. fill in the required information, with the email address: “[email protected]

For Hotmail:

  1. Log into your Hotmail account.
  2. Select “Options” (right side, on the top navigational bar)
  3. Select “More options…” on the options drop down menu.
  4. Under the “Junk Email” category, select “Safe and blocked senders”.
  5. Select Safe senders.
  6. Enter “@xfire.com”
  7. Click the “Add to list >>” button.

We hope this helps you get your Xfire emails delivered in a timely manner. For all other email services and clients, please consult the topics on “whitelists” or “spam filters” included with the help documentation for those products.

Friends/status/joining games

 Is there an easy way to invite friends to use Xfire?

Most definitely. Locate the easily accessible Invite a Friend section on the Xfire website. Then log in with your Xfire Username and Password. Once done, there’s an option to enter your friend’s email address, and/or customize the default invitation email message we’ve prepared for your convenience. Your Xfire Username is automatically included in the invitation so your friend can easily add you to his or her Xfire Friends List after he/she installs Xfire.
Remember; the more friends you invite, the more use you’ll get out of Xfire!

* How do I add friends to my Friends list?

With extreme ease. Is your friend already an Xfire member? Then add them to your Xfire friends network by selecting “Tools”, and “Add Friend” in the Xfire interface. Or, you can just click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen. Type in your friend’s Xfire Username (or search for them using the fields available), and when he or she logs onto Xfire the next time, your friend will receive an invitation to join your Friends List. Assuming your friend accepts your offer, both of you are added to each other’s Friends List.

* When I add a friend, I type in his Xfire Username, send an invitation message, and click OK, but he still doesn’t appear in my Friends List. Why?

Because you’ve jumped the gun a little bit. Your friend needs to approve the request for the addition to be complete. When that happens, you’ll see his or her name appear.

* I’d like to find out more about the friends of my friends on Xfire. Can I see their profiles (e.g. who are they friends with)?

Profiles are a huge part of the Xfire experience. If you go to the Xfire website www.xfire.com and log in, you’ll be able to access your profile and make any updates necessary (your name probably isn’t a blank space, for instance.) You’ll also see a list of your friends and can link to their profiles, and then to their friends, and then to their friends, etc etc, all the way down the line. We encourage you to fill out at least some basic user info for yourself. It makes it a lot easier for your friends to search for you.

* I’m just way too popular. How do I delete friends from Xfire?

If your initial enthusiasm with Xfire now has you responding to messages from your newfound friends 24 hours a day, it may be time to pare down the list a little. Simply right click on a friend in the “Friends Online” or “Friends Offline” section, hit delete, and that person will be removed from your list. However, since the “Friends of Friends” section is created from your friends’ buddy lists, there’s no way to remove people individually from that section. You can collapse the entire section by going to the Tools menu in Xfire, clicking Options, and unchecking “Show Friends of my Friends” on the Privacy Tab.

* What does it mean if my Friend is online but has no status displayed next to their Username?

It means they have logged onto Xfire, but are not currently playing a game. To start a chat, make contact by double-clicking on their Username.

* I know my friend has a lot of friends signed up on Xfire, but why don’t I see them under my “Friends of Friends Playing” section?

Only friends of friends who are playing a game will appear in your Xfire interface. Look for them under the Friends of Friends category on the Friends tab in the Xfire client.

* How can I set a customized status (e.g. I’m up for Halo right now!) for myself once I log on to Xfire?

Xfire gives you the ability to put up whatever custom message you want, so you can tell your friends exactly what they need to know. At the bottom of the Xfire client, note the little arrow button next to your default status. If you click that and select, Set Custom Status, you can type in whatever status message you like.

* How do I erase my custom status messages?

There is no way to delete the custom status messages with the Xfire user interface. However, once you have five custom status messages and you create a sixth, the oldest custom status message will be erased automatically.

This will happen each time a new custom status message is created and you already have five custom status messages. The oldest message will be bumped off and the newest one added.

Your other option is to delete them out of the XfireUser.ini file. Here’s how:

  • First, make sure Xfire is not running.
  • Locate the XfireUser.ini file. On WinXp it is located in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Xfire. *Note* You will need to have show hidden files enabled to find the XfireUser.ini file
  • Once you have found this file open it with Notepad.
  • Inside this file you should see a section that looks like the following:

Simply delete the status line that you no longer want. When you delete them however, make sure that you change the Custom# so that the list is still in order.

Make your changes and save the file. Start Xfire and check your status messages, they should appear exactly as you left them in the XfireUser.ini.

* I have a game installed on my computer that is supported by Xfire, but when I start playing my status never shows the game. Why does this happen?

If you are running a game on your computer that is on our list of supported games, it will not show up in Xfire if the Windows registry tags are missing or incorrect. If you have relocated the game on your hard drive without doing an actual installation, or installed on a Windows NT-type computer but not as an administrator, this could cause the problem. Xfire uses the game’s registry tags to know where a game is installed, and how to detect it.

  • To fix this, go to your Tools | Options | Games tab.
  • Find the games you have on your system in the ‘Not installed’ list.
  • Highlight the game name and the “Manual Setup” radio button.
  • Click ‘Browse’.
  • Find the folder that contains the .exe file for that game and click ‘Ok’.
  • Click ‘Apply’.

Check your Tools | Launch menu to verify that the game is now detected.

* Does Xfire support mods and expansion packs of games?

We support some mods and expansion packs, but it depends on how the mod was designed. For instance, many mods call identical .exe files and resources, with the only difference being in loading certain maps or skins. Xfire is unable to distinguish between this usage and playing the base game. We’re working on some better ways to detect the usage of mods and expansion packs for almost any game, but for now we’re only able to support certain mods. This is why, for instance, you’ll see “Battlefield 1942” when you play Desert Combat, or “Battlefield2” when you’re playing BF2: Special Forces. We’re continually working to provide better detection and launching of mods and expansion packs!

* My friend is playing a game online in multiplayer mode as indicated on Xfire. When I double click on his Username, I only get an IM pop-up but do not have the option to join him instantly. Why is this happening?

There’s a couple possibilities. First, the online game your friend is playing may not be currently supported by Xfire’s “One Click Join” feature. Xfire is proud to support many of the most popular online titles, with more being added all the time. However, in instances when Xfire displays the name of the game your friend is playing (plus his or her status with the game), and you can’t instantly join him, you’ll have to begin your game the old fashioned regular way. One Click Joining (double-clicking your friend’s Xfire UserName and clicking “Join”) is an incredibly cool Xfire element, and we’re striving to add Xfire with Instant Joining functionality with as many online games as possible.

Second, if Xfire does support the game you’re trying to join, but your join button is greyed out, make sure there is a valid IP showing for your friend in the “Expanded Info View” pane. They may be playing single player, or on a server that is not joinable. Once you’ve ensured there is an IP, make sure that Xfire detects you actually have the game installed. If it doesn’t know where the game is, it can’t launch it to let you join! The fastest way to check is to add yourself to your own friends list, launch the game, and then alt-tab or alt-enter out and see what your status says. If Xfire isn’t detecting your gameplay, see the FAQ Here!! Follow the instructions to get your games showing up in the Xfire Launch menu.

* My friend is playing a game online in multiplayer mode as indicated on Xfire. When I click Join, I get an error message and can’t join him. What’s wrong?

Be sure that you have the game loaded onto your computer and have the latest build of it. Another reason for this error message may be that the game itself has a problem that is preventing you from joining. For instance, if it has had a server time-out, or if the server filled up with other players as you were joining.

* Sometimes when I hit the enter key (or the “send” button) to send an IM to a friend, nothing happens. I suspect that my message is never sent. Why does this occur?

When sending IMs, Xfire waits patiently for confirmation from your friend’s Xfire client. Then it sends over the message. You won’t spot the message in the upper part of the chat window until your friend’s machine has informed your client that the message was received. If your compadre is having network predicaments, the message text may stay in the lower window of the chat session.

* My friends say they can’t see any of my server info. What’s going on?

There’s a couple things that could be going on here. First, ensure that you’ve connected to an external server. If you start the server in the game itself, then there is no IP address to send to your friends ( isn’t very useful!) You need to connect to a server outside of your machine in order to allow Xfire to detect the server info and send it to your friends. You MAY be able to launch a separate dedicated server on your own machine, and then connect to that, but you’ll have to try it and see if it sends the proper info to your friends – each instance is a little different.

If you’re connected to an external server but your friends can’t see the IP address, make sure you’re moving around and interacting in the game. If you’re dead or otherwise just spectating in the game, there is no IP traffic from your machine back to the server, and hence no way for Xfire to know you are actually playing.

Also, make sure that you’ve enabled the ability of other people to see your server info (which is on the Privacy Tab of the Options Menu.) If you’re active in the game, however, and you’ve allowed people to see your server info, the problem may be in your Xfire installation. Try hopping onto a couple different servers – we have seen some servers that aren’t able to be detected, so make sure it’s not just the one server you happen to be on. If that doesn’t work, you may want to try uninstalling Xfire, rebooting your machine, reinstalling, and then rebooting again to ensure Xfire is able to be properly installed.

Finally, if your IP address is showing but there is no list of players, it may be that we’re still working on parsing out the server info for that game. While we generally support server info as soon as we support the game, it may need some tweaking, particularly if the game developers have changed the communication protocols in a patch or upgrade. We’ll have that info working as soon as we can!

If none of this works, feel free to post in the Technical Support – OPEN forum and we’ll see what we can do. We haven’t worked out all the possibilities here yet, but we’ll try to get you up and running if possible!

* Why can’t I join games like JointOps and Ravenshield?

These developers do not allow their multi-player servers to be joined using a “command line”. This is the way Xfire allows you to “one click join” into servers.

Since there is no joining, there is no server list in the Xfire servers tab. You should still be able to launch the game from Xfire and track your hours.

Visit our Games page to see which games have “one click join” support from Xfire.

* Why doesn’t my server show up in the Xfire “All” servers list?

We track every time someone joins your server via their Xfire client. Once enough Xfire users have joined your server we recognize it as a “good” server. Then it should be added to the “All” servers list.

We will send out a query every week to verify your server is still active.

* How do I set up a Game Lobby?

The Chat Room admin (or whoever is “hosting” the game) sets the Chat Room as a Game Lobby for their installed game.

Your friends in the Chat Room click the Join Game button. This puts them in the Game Lobby “ready state”. (In the Info View) They should remain there and not click the button again. If they click the button, they will un-ready themselves and not join.

Once everyone is “ready”, the host clicks the ‘Join Game’ button. Your game should launch and bring you to the in-game lobby screen.

Your friends in the Xfire Game Lobby in the ready state should then be automatically launched into the game created by the host.

The limiting factors would most likely be firewalls. The easy way to test this is can the host go onto other sites like Gamespy or MSN Zone and host this game online.

In order to host a lobby, you must open some ports in your firewall or router. For Directplay 7 games you need to forward TCP and UDP traffic on port range 2300 to 2400 and port 47624. For Directplay 8 games you need to forward TCP and UDP traffic on port range 2302 to 2400 and port 6073.

Here is the Microsoft knowledge base article on this topic: Ports required to play on a network.

Click the link below to see games that are supported by Xfire Game Lobbies:

* Xfire does not detect my Private server or No-Cd version of a game. Why?

Xfire only supports full retail versions of games.

We do not test with or support “no-cd” cracks or Private Server versions of MMO games.

* When I try to join Call of Duty 2 MP (Steam) from Xfire, it launches single player. Why?

Call of Duty 2 uses two different exe files. One for Multiplayer and one for single player.

Steam changed their applaunch command to use the same applaunch # for both MP and SP.

There is currently nothing Xfire can do about this to our knowledge.

Xfire in game messaging

* I really want to use Xfire In-Game but I do not have a Scroll Lock key on my keyboard. Is there a way fix I can change the keys?

Yes! You can define your own two key combination to bring up the Xfire In-Game interface.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Tools menu in Xfire.
  2. Choose Options.
  3. Click on the Xfire In-Game tab.
  4. Find the Xfire In-Game key binding button and click it.
  5. Now press and hold a two key combination and release them to set it.
  6. Press OK and you’re done.

The next time you run a game the new key combination will take effect. You will also need to press the keys in the order you set them.

* When I receive messages in game or try to send one the Xfire In-Game interface is blurry. What can I do to fix this?

This issue happens if Anisotropic Filtering is enabled in your game. Currently, the only work-around for this problem is to turn off Anisotropic Filtering in your game(s).

We realize this is a less than ideal work-around, which is why we are digging into the problem. If we can find a fix we will certainly put it out with an update.

On a side note, apparently Anti-Aliasing seems to not cause this problem to occur.

* I’m running Windows 98/SE/ME and I can’t get Xfire In-Game messages or use Scroll Lock + X. Why?

Xfire In-Game is no longer supported on Win9x systems

* How do I enable or disable Continuous In-Game messaging?

Start up a game. Press Scroll Lock + X (or whatever your key bind is) to bring up the In-Game Menu.

  1. Press F2 (Menu). Selection 2 (Game you are playing options).
  2. Selection 4 (Enable Continuous/Alert mode).
  3. Press Enter to confirm.

* Xfire In Game messaging does not work for me at all. Why?

There are a number of factors that allow Xfire to run along with your games and send and receive messages from within the game. Things to check on your system are as follows:

  • What OS? (Vista, XP, Windows 7, etc…) Is your OS 32bit or 64bit?
    Xfire In-Game messaging is currently only supported on Windows Vista, XP and 2000. If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or XP, some games will run in 64-bit mode and Xfire will not be able to detect them at all.
  • What Xfire Skin?
    Some older User created skins do not have the latest In-Game support if any at all. The Xfire skin (default), Standard and Combat skins were created and tested by Xfire and always guaranteed to work with Xfire In-Game.
  • What game is not working? (list them if more than one – do not say ‘All games’)
  • Is this game on the Supported Games page? (Currently over 200 with In Game support)
  • Is the game on your Xfire Tools | Launch menu and can it be launched from there?
  • What is your key bind set to? (Tools> Options> Xfire In-Game tab.)
  • Is In Game messaging enabled? (Tools> Options> Xfire In-Game tab> ‘Enable Xfire In-Game’. Requires Exit and restart of Xfire.)
  • Can this game be run in different render modes? (Example: CS 1.6 runs in both OGL and D3D9)
  • If so, what renderer are you running?
  • What renderer do you have Xfire set to for this game? (How do I change the Xfire in Game renderer for my game?)
  • Are you running Fraps?
    Fraps is a software video recording application. Older versions did not work well with OGL games and Xfire which could cause low fps or lockups. If you are running newer versions of Fraps, Xfire will detect it and not hook into your game. This will cause XIG and Screenshots to stop functioning
  • Are you running a “No CD” patch or a mod to launch the game?
    If your game is using a different .exe to launch the game, there is a possibility that Xfire will not detect it.
  • Does Xfire In-Game work for any of your other games? (list them)
  • What video card are you using?
  • What driver version for the video card?
  • What version of DirectX?

If you run through the steps listed here and still can’t get In Game messages, copy and paste the above questions with your answers in the Technical Support – OPEN section of our Forums with the subject “XIG not working – ” so we can troubleshoot the problem further.

* What is the new In-Game interface and how do I use it?

As of Xfire 1.77, we have added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support for Dawn of War as well as the Winter Assault and Dark Crusade expansion packs. We plan to add a few games at a time until all of our *possible XIG supported games are using XIG 2.0.

XIG 2.0 looks and functions more like the Xfire client outside of game, including the ability to use the mouse to drag the skin around the screen, resize your friends list, chat window and alert window.

*some games which currently support XIG may not be able to use the new In-Game system.

* Nothing happens when I try to send a message in All Chats view. Why?

The All Chats view allows you to see all of your incoming messages in one window. To send a message in this view, you must specify which user you want to send a message to by using a /t (tell) or /msg (message) command (/tell also works). You must use your friend’s user name, not nick name when typing to them. Here’s an example:

If you are in game chatting with “[Xfire] mfive” and “[Xfire] Wyndairn” at the same time and want to reply to a message from “[Xfire] mfive”, you would type:

/msg mfive “your message here”
/t mfive “your message here”

Without the quotes.

* What skins support Xfire In-Game 2.0?

Currently, the three skins that come bundled with the Xfire software are the only officially supported XIG 2.0 skins.
These skins are Shadow, Xfire and Standard.

* When I play Starcraft with Xfire In-Game enabled I get black bars on my screen. How can I fix it?

You are likely running on a DirectX 10 supported graphics card. This is currently a known issue with Xfire In-Game’s DDRAW rendering mode and dx10 supported cards.

Unfortunately, the only workaround is to turn off Xfire In-Game messaging.

To disable In Game messaging for individual games:

  • Make sure you exit any games that are running.
  • In Xfire, go to the Tools | Options | Games tab.
  • Under Installed Games, highlight the title of the game you wish to disable In-Game messaging for.
  • Click the Advanced Options button.
  • Check “Disable Xfire In-game.”

No Exit or log off is required for this change.

The next time you launch that game, XIG should be disabled.

* How do I change the Xfire in Game renderer for my game?

Xfire in Game messaging features will only work if both your game and Xfire are using the same renderer. Some games can be rendered in multiple modes (D3D8, D3D9, D3D10, OGL, etc…). First determine which renderer your game is running in. You can usually find this information in the video options within your game.

Then make sure Xfire is set to that same renderer:

  1. Open Xfire and go to Tools | Options | Games.
  2. Highlight your game on the ‘Installed Games’ list by clicking it.
  3. Once your game is highlighted you can use the ‘In-Game Renderer’ drop-down menu to select from the available render modes.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart Xfire (Xfire | Exit).

Keep in mind that only render modes that meet the following two criteria will appear in the drop-down list:

  1. Your graphics card must support the render mode and,
  2. Xfire must support the render mode for that game

If only one renderer meets both of the above criteria, the drop-down menu list will be grey (disabled) and the renderer that Xfire uses will be displayed but you will not be able to change it.

Remember, some games can be rendered in modes that Xfire does not support yet (for example Lord of the Rings Online can be rendered in DX10 mode, but Xfire does not support DX10 for this game yet). In this case you can still use Xfire in Game features if you run your game in the render mode that Xfire does support.

Xfire download system

* I’m trying to download files from Xfire. Whenever I click “download now” it just opens up Xfire? Why?

The first thing to look at is what Xfire skin are you using? Most older or User created skins do not have a “Files” tab and do not support the Xfire download system.

The “Official” Xfire skins are guaranteed to work with the Xfire download system. Those skins are Shadow (default) and Xfire.

* My Xfire download says 99% complete but is still in the Active category and requesting sources. Why?

If a file you downloaded from Xfire says “99 or 100%” try right clicking on the file name and selecting “Stop Download”, then right click again and “Start Download”. This will cause Xfire to immediately look for new sources or move the file to its completed state. You can also do this by logging off of Xfire and logging back on.

* Why is Xfire downloading files I did not ask to download?

Check the categories in your Files tab.

You may have inadvertently subscribed to a channel which automatically delivers content via the Xfire download system. Simply right click on it and ‘Unsubscribe Channel’.

Delete any unwanted files from the C:\Program Files\Xfire\downloads folder. Set your download options to ‘Disabled’ to avoid this in the future. The download throttle settings are found in Tools> Options> Files tab.

* Can I add or upload my own files to the Xfire Download system?

No. We control all the content for the Xfire download system to ensure that we are providing clean files to the Xfire Users.

Feel free to post a link to something you have created and we can review it. If the content manager feels it is appropriate and something the Xfire Users will enjoy, we may contact you and add it to the download system.

* What are these .dat files in my downloads folder?

When you select a file to download, the first thing you see in your Xfire Files tab is “Getting Metadata”. This adds an entry to the fileids.ini files.

Then we add a temporary file to your downloads folder. That is the .dat file. What this .dat file does is reserve the hard drive space necessary for the file you are downloading. This way you no matter what other functions or files you are working on on your machine, you will not run out of hard drive space for your download.

If you still have that download active in your Xfire files tab, you will not be able to delete the .dat file as it is “in use” by Xfire.

Once the download is complete, the .dat files are deleted automatically.

* Why is Xfire uploading data? What is it uploading?

The Xfire File system is a P2P system. If you download files from Xfire and leave them in the default directory with your download settings on, they are eligible to be “shared” with others using the Xfire File system.

If you do not wish to share files:

  • Move the files out of the downloads folder when they are complete.
  • Set your Tools | Options | Files settings to ‘Disabled’.

If you disable your Xfire downloads, you will still get interim game updates for the latest game support and Xfire Updates via P2P but they will not be shared with the Xfire network.

Remember, if everyone just downloaded the files they wanted and then set those options to disabled, the file system would be considerably slower.

* Why can’t I send a file using Personal File transfers?

There are two likely cases where sending a file through Xfire would not work for you.

  • You or the person receiving the file are running an older Xfire skin that does not support Personal File transfers.
  • You are behind incompatible firewalls.

The way to check if it is firewall related is by finding out what “NAT type” both users are. To check this, go to your files page, open the info view, scroll to the bottom, you should see NAT Check Failed. If both users are NAT type 3 it will not work either. For more info on how to fix this see here:

How to forward a port to allow Xfire P2P.

* I have Automatic Patch downloads on but I’m not getting any patches, why?

You will get automatic patches when a new patch is released for a game that your Xfire client detects.

A new patch usually stays in the system for about two weeks. So if you install a game while that patch is still live, it should be pushed to you automatically in the Patch channel.

If there are no patches currently in the channel, you can go to the Xfire Files page and search for your game title. We try to have patches available for most games we support and we will usually have the latest patches for the most popular titles on Xfire.

* I can’t download files at all on Xfire, why?

See more details in the Advanced FAQ here:

* How do I send a file directly to a friend with Xfire?

Xfire Personal File Transfers use the same P2P network as the Xfire Download system.

Here’s how to send a file:

  1. Right click on a friend in your friends list
  2. Click Send File.
  3. You should get a window to select the file you wish to send. Browse to the file and click OK.
  4. You then get the File Transfer Confirmation window. Here you can add some text to describe the file and select to “Use your rate cap”. This means the Personal File Transfer rate will respect your download settings in the Tools | Options | Files tab.
  5. Click Ok. You should get a chat window to your friend that says “Requesting file transfer. Waiting for response”

At this point, your friend clicks Ok and selects a directory to save the file in. The file transfer should begin.

If at any point either user gets disconnected or logs off, the partial file transfer can be resumed if the sender re-sends the same file.

* Xfire tried to download an update but gets stuck halfway and won’t finish the download. What can I do?

Sometimes users with dial-up or unstable connections are unable to complete Xfire updates through the client itself. The good news is there is another way to update your Xfire client!

If you are having trouble updating through the Xfire client, try the following:

  • (Without uninstalling) Download the full installer from here.
  • Install it over your current copy of Xfire.
  • If there have been any ‘game updates’ since the last client release, you’ll need to download the game update as well to have support for the most recently supported games.

And that’s it! You should be all up to date without waiting for the Xfire client to download it.

Xfire voice chat/chat rooms

* How do I use the new Xfire Voice Chat feature?

First of all you must have a working microphone and speakers (or headphones/headset mic) attached to your computers sound card. It is a good idea to test your microphone and speaker levels before starting a voice chat. You can do this by going Tools> Options> Voice tab and clicking the ‘Test’ buttons there.

There are several ways to start a voice chat but they all start by highlighting a Friend in your Friends list. Left clicking the “Mic” button on the Info View of the main client or an IM window will instantly open a chat window to your Friend with an incoming voice call. Once they accept the call, you can start voice chatting!

You can also get to this menu by right clicking on a Friend or selecting Tools | Friends | Call.

* Why do I hear my voice echoing on my headphones when I voice chat with someone?

It is likely that the Friend you are voice chatting with has a combination of loud headphones and a sensitive microphone. What you hearing is the sound from their headphones coming back through their microphone.

The best way to tone this down is to have your Friend adjust their headphone volume and possibly the microphone input sensitivity as well.

* My friend sent me a voice chat invite and I didn’t get it. Why?

Xfire Voice Chat uses a peer to peer system. It is possible that you and your Friend are both behind firewalls that aren’t compatible. If you think this may be the case, try forwarding port 25777 in your router or firewall. Details in this FAQ here.

Another possibility:

Are you already in a voice chat with someone else? You currently can only voice chat with one Friend or Chat Room at a time on Xfire Voice Chat.

* How do I voice chat with more than one person?

As of version 1.46 we have implemented Xfire Voice enabled Chat Rooms.

To enable it, start a new Chat Room or join a persistent room from your servers tab. Select the “Actions” menu in the Chat Room window. Then select “Host Voicechat”.

You are now the Peer to Peer host of the Voice Chat. You can use the “Actions” menu to disable and enable your microphone, but continue to host the others in the room.

If you select “Stop Hosting”, all voice chat stops until someone else in the Chat Room selects “Host Voicechat” and becomes the host. Only those with a permission level of Power User or higher may host voice chat.

This feature is brand new and still under active development so your feedback in the Feature Suggestions and Tech Support forums will help us improve Voice Chat in future updates of Xfire.

* My headset microphone is not working with Xfire Voice chat. Why?

Check the drop down menus in Tools> Options> Voice tab. Make sure the device you are trying to use is selected in the “Input and Output” fields.

If you have a device that is installed properly and working with other programs but Xfire is not finding it, please post some details including the brand and model number of the device in our Technical Support – OPEN forum and we will check into it.

* How do I disable the “phone ringing” sound when I receive a voice invite?

To disable the ring sound, go to Tools | Options | Chat tab. Uncheck “Play a sound when: I send or receive voice chat requests.”

* Why does Xfire say ‘Low quality’ when I voice chat even though I have set my options to the highest quality?

Xfire will negotiate the setting between the two users voice chatting. An example would be if your options are set to ‘Highest’ quality and you send an invite to a friend who is set to ‘Medium’ quality, Xfire will set the voice chat to ‘Medium’ to accomodate the user with the lower bandwidth setting.

* Xfire is set to play a sound when I get a voice chat request, but I don’t hear it in my USB headset. Why?

In order to hear the ring sound when you get an Xfire voice call, you must set the USB headset as the default device in Windows XP.

To do this:

  • Go to your Windows Start menu | Settings | Control Panel.
  • Double Click Sounds and Audio Devices.
  • Click the Audio tab
  • In the pulldown menu for “Sound Playback Default Device:” select your USB headset.
  • Click OK

You should now hear the ring for incoming voice calls in your USB headset.

* How do I start a Chat Room?

Start by right clicking on any Friend and selecting ‘Invite to new chat room’. Your friend must be using an Xfire skin that supports Chat Rooms in order to receive the invite. The default Xfire skin will always work.

Once you get a Chat Room started you can invite more friends, set up permissions, set voice options and save it in your Xfire Servers tab (persistent room) so you can always rejoin the conversation. This is all done from the Actions menu in the Chat Room window.

For a more visual explanation of these features, check out Chat Rooms in the Xfire Product Tour!

* I can’t voice chat at all on Xfire, why?

See more details in the Advanced FAQ here:

* Can I answer a voice call while in a game?=

If you are running a Xfire In-Game 2.0 supported skin (Shadow, Standard, Xfire) in an Xfire 2.0 supported game, then you can answer 1 to 1 voice calls by clicking the phone icon on the XIG interface or pressing Scroll Lock + T.

You can customize the key bind under Tools | Options | Chat tab.


* How do I add screenshots to my Xfire Profile page?

First launch Xfire and any game that has Xfire In-Game messaging support. Then while in game take screenshots by pressing Scroll Lock + S. (This can be reassigned to a single key or a different key combo in Tools | Options | Chat tab.)

When you quit the game, you will be presented with the Xfire Screenshots dialog. Here you can preview the shots you just took, choose which ones to upload, and even add captions! If you want to upload at a later time, click Cancel you may upload them from the Screenshots tab of the Xfire client (for older skins check the Files tab).

In the Screenshots tab, you have the Local and Remote screenshots categories. From here you can simply right click any screenshot and choose to upload it or remove it from your Xfire Profile. You can also change the caption of a selected screenshot in the Xfire Info View.

Please note the upload rate is not the same as the P2P rates you set in Tools | Options | Files. Screenshot uploading will use whatever your maximum available upload speed is.

* Can I add other images not taken with Xfire In-Game to my profile?

No you cannot upload images not created with Xfire. Xfire adds encryption to the file to show what game you were playing, time and date and server IP.

* Help! I can’t take screenshots at all. Why doesn’t Xfire screenshots work for me?

Xfire can only take screenshots in games that have Xfire In-Game messaging support. For a list of those games, see our Games Page.

If Xfire In-Game messaging is not working for your supported game, see here: http://www.xfire.com/faq/#178

Xfire In-Game is no longer supported on Windows 98/SE/ME systems.

* Why does it take so long to login to Xfire now that I have taken some screenshots?

If you have a virus scan program that has real time file scanning or protection, it will attempt to scan all the files residing in your screenshots and downloads folder. This causes Xfire to appear stuck when logging in.

To prevent this, check your virus scanner options for an exception list for real time scanning. Add Xfire.exe to the list and you should login much faster.

* What is the maximum number of screenshots I can add to my Profile page?

The maximum data storage is 1 GB. So if you run in a very high resolution, you will have fewer screenshots on your Profile page.

* How do I add captions or comments to my screenshots?

You can add a caption in the Xfire Screenshots dialog prior to uploading.

You can also go to your Profile page, click “View full screenshot gallery” then click the “Edit screenshot description” button to edit the caption directly from the website. You can edit them on the website by clicking the screenshot and then clicking the ‘edit’ option (looks like a little pencil).

In Xfire, you can go to the Screenshots tab (Files tab for older skins). Under the ‘Remote’ category highlight the one you wish to edit, in the Xfire Info view type in the ‘Description’ field and click Save.

* What key do I use to take Xfire Screenshots?

The default key combination is Scroll Lock + S. You can change this in Tools | Options | Chat tab. Click ‘Screenshot key binding’ and set a single key or two key combination.

* Can I take screenshots using a button on my mouse or joystick?

If the mouse or joystick included software for mapping buttons to keyboard keys or macros, then yes you should be able to.

Set your Screenshot key or key combo in Tools | Options | Chat tab. Then using your mouse or joystick configuration software, map that key to a button on the gaming device.

* How do I delete a screenshot from my Profile?

Go to your Xfire Profile page. Click “See all screenshots”. On the Screenshots page you can delete, lock and edit captions for your screenshots.

You may also delete them directly from the Xfire software. Click the Screenshots tab (Files tab on older skins), under the Remote category right click any screenshot file name and select Remove.

Xfire clans & guilds

* How do I start a Clan or Guild?

Head over to the Xfire Clans & Guilds page and under the ‘Your Clans’ box, click Create Clan.

Enter a Full name. Think of the Full name like your Xfire nickname. This will be the name displayed on your Clan or Guild Profile page.

Enter a Short Name first and check availability of the name. Think of short name like your Xfire username, this will be the permanent Clan or Guild name. The Short name must only contain lower case letters and numbers.

Click Create! Congrats! You are now the founder of a Clan or Guild.

* How do I join a Clan or Guild?

First, the email address listed in your Xfire Profile must be a valid email address that can be verified.

Select the Clan or Guild you wish to join from the directory. Click Apply for Membership!

If you wish, enter a message for the Clan or Guild founder and then click Submit Application!

The Guild or Clan founder will then decide whether or not to approve your membership. Once approved, all of the members of the Clan or Guild will automatically be added to a custom group in your Xfire client.

* How do I leave a Clan or Guild?

First make sure you are logged into Xfire.com with the correct user name.

  • Go to the Clans & Guilds home page.
  • Under the “Your Clans & Guilds” box, click the name of the clan or guild you wish to leave.
  • On the left side of the page click ‘Leave Clan’ (or Leave Guild)

You will get a confirmation dialog to make sure you want to leave your clan or guild.

Once you select Yes, the clan or guild group will be removed from your Xfire Friends list.

Note: If you are the administrator of the clan or guild, you must assign Rank 1 permissions to someone else before leaving or remove all members and pending invites/applications.

* My Clan name is taken. What can I do about it?

Make the Short name a slightly altered version of what you wanted and use the Long Name to display the real Clan or Guild name on your Clan or Guild Profile page.

* How many Clans or Guilds can I be in at one time?

You can be a member of five Xfire Clans & Guilds at one time. This includes any outstanding invites or applications you may have.

* How many members can be in a Clan or Guild?

The current maximum number of Clan or Guild members is 300.

* What is the difference between a Clan and a Guild?

Currently nothing. We will be adding more functions and features to the Clan and Guild Profiles to make them more distinguishable in the future.

* Why can’t I apply to any Clans or Guilds?

You can only be a member of five Clans or Guilds at one time. This includes any outstanding invites or applications you may have.

* Where can I make suggestions for the Clans & Guilds feature and web pages?

Head over to the Feature Suggestions forum to post your suggestions, ideas and comments about this Xfire feature.

* I left my clan. How do I get back in?

You must be invited back by a ranking member of the Clan or Guild with permission to invite and/or approve new members. If there are no members in the Clan or Guild to invite you back and you are the Founder, apply to the clan and you should be automatically accepted back in.

* How do my clan or guild mates accept the invitation I sent them?

Your clan or guild mates must first have a valid registered email attached to their Xfire username.

See the FAQ here for how to validate their registered email address.

If their email is working and valid they will receive a notification that they have been invited to the Clan or Guild you created on Xfire. They simply click the the link in the email which takes them to http://www.xfire.com/clans

Under ‘Your Clans & Guilds’ they will see their pending invitations and can choose to accept or reject them.

* How do I set a different nickname for my clan?

Go to your Clan or Guild homepage. Click Roster.

At the bottom of the Roster there is a field for you to set a Clan nickname. This is separate from your Xfire nickname and will be displayed to your clan mates in their Xfire client.

If you do not use a clan nickname, your normal nickname or user name will be shown.

* How do I set up member ranks in my Clan or Guild?

From your Xfire Clan or Guild homepage, click the “Edit Preferences” button on the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Click “Set Up Ranks”.

You will see that by default the Ranks are numbered one through ten. Click the ‘Edit’ link next to each one to change the title and assign permissions to each rank.

* How do I add Games to my Clan or Guild page?

From your Xfire Clan or Guild homepage, click the “Edit Preferences” button on the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Click “Clan Games”.

From here you can add, remove and sort your Clan or Guilds favorite games!

* How do I change the Clan logo?

From your Xfire Clan or Guild homepage, click the “Edit Preferences” button on the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Click “Clan Logo”.
From here you can delete the current logo or click the browse button to select an image from your PC and upload it to your Clan page to use as the Clan or Guild logo.

* Can I prevent other users from viewing or applying to my Clan?

From your Xfire Clan or Guild homepage, click the “Edit Preferences” button on the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

In the General Preferences you can set up a number of options:

  1. The full name of the Clan or Guild.
  2. The type of Clan (Clan, Guild, Cult, Squad, etc.).
  3. Private Clan (This means only approved clan members can view clan pages).
  4. Invitation Only. (This means no one can apply to your clan or guild).
  5. Clan description (Tell the world what your Clan or Guild is all about).
  6. Clan site URL (Add a hyperlink to your Xfire Clan site or other homepage).

* How can I delete a clan?

Much like usernames, we do not delete clans.

You are always welcome to create a new clan with an altered short name.

* My clans ‘Founder’ isn’t around anymore. Can someone from Xfire change the founder or give another person in my clan permissions?

No. Xfire adheres to a strict policy that leaves all clan responsibility up to the founder and those that are assigned the requisite permissions by the founder. We do not assign or change permissions for clans or otherwise.

If you’re unable to get in contact with your clan leadership you can create a new clan or wait until you are able to contact them. Ultimately, it is the clan founder’s responsibility to ensure that permissions are passed on when that person decides to leave.

* I am the founder of my clan and I set my clan to ‘Invitation Only’ and then left my clan. How can I join my clan again?

No worries! You can still get back into your clan by going to http://www.xfire.com/clans/YOURCLANSHORTNAMEHERE/apply/.

Be sure to insert your clan short name into the url before visiting the link.

* How do I remove a member from my clan?

First, you will need to have the appropriate permissions. Only a Clan Founder or a clan member with ‘Administer’ permissions will be able to perform this function.

  1. Log in to the Xfire website using your Xfire username and password.
  2. Navigate to your clan’s web page by clicking on your clan’s name under ‘Clans & Guilds’.
  3. Click ‘Members’ on the tool list on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click ‘Edit Members’ on the tool list on the left side of the screen.
  5. You will now see a list of all Clan members. Click ‘Kick Out’ next to the member you would like to remove.
  6. If you are sure you want to kick that member out, click ‘Yes’ on the next screen.

If the removal was successful you will receive a message confirming that the member was removed.

* What are Clan Screenshots and Videos and how do I add them to my Xfire Clan’s page?

Clan screenshots and videos are a collection of screenshots and videos which are automatically added to your Xfire Clan’s page as Clan members upload them to the Xfire website. Screenshots and videos will only show up for “Favorite Games” that are associated with the Clan

*NOTE* The Clan page will not automatically add screenshots and videos that have already been uploaded to the Xfire website prior to this feature being added to Xfire (5/7/2009). If you want screenshots and videos that existed prior to this date added to your clan page you will need to upload them again to the Xfire website.

* How do I remove screenshots or videos from my Xfire Clan page?

There are a couple of ways in which a screenshot or video can be removed from your Xfire Clan page.

  • The Clan Admin or any other clan rank that has the “Remove Screenshots and Videos” privilege can remove individual screenshots and videos by using the “Edit” button on the screenshots and Video module.
  • The Clan member that added the screenshot or video can also use the “Edit” button on the screenshots and video module to remove the screenshots and videos they have uploaded.

* I just added a new “Favorite Game” to my Clan but I don’t see any Screenshots or Videos for that game. Why won’t they show up?

Screenshots and Videos are added to the Clan on the time of upload to the Xfire website. Screenshots and videos that are already on the Xfire website will not be automatically added to your Clan screenshots and videos section. You can however, upload the screenshot or video again (if you still have the files locally) to the website and they will then show up on your Clan page.

* When I view my community in the Xfire friends tab I’m unable to see my community members. Why?

First, check to make sure the community list is expanded. You can tell if your list is expanded by looking at the white arrow to the left of the community name. If it’s pointing to the right that means the list is closed. To open it, double click on your community name.

If your community shows a BOX instead of an ARROW next to it that means it’s an unlimited community. Unlimited communities can have unlimited members. Because of this, Xfire will not list them all in the client as this could potentially cause performance issues with communities that have hundreds or thousands of members.

You can still see your community members by accessing the community web page. Here’s how:

    1. From the Xfire client:

    2. Click on your community in the friends tab.
    3. Now you’ll see information about your community in the infoview (window to the right side of your friends list).
    4. Simply click the link under your community name to be directed to your community’s web page.

From the Xfire website:

  1. Click the ‘Communities’ link at the top of the website.
  2. From there you’ll be able to select which clan you’d like to view.

* I invited another Xfire user to my community and they took over the community and/or kicked me out of my own clan! What do I do now?

This type of issue can always be prevented with the appropriate precautions.

Always keep in mind that by assigning another community member a rank with ‘Administrator’ permissions, you are allowing them the ability to remove other administrators of their rank or lower from the clan. They will also be able to edit rank permissions of their rank or lower as well. This means that if you invite a member and assign them the same rank that you hold, they can kick you out of your own community!


    This type of issue can be avoided by ensuring the following:

  1. Do not promote community members to your own rank unless they are somebody you know and can trust.
  2. Ensure that you setup your community and rank permissions before inviting people in. You can adjust the default rank of fresh recruits from the community administrator tool on your community website. Ensure that the default rank that community members start at does not have administrator privileges.
  3. Any rank can be assigned administrator privileges. If you do choose to assign another community member administrator privileges, be sure that they are assigned a rank that is lower than your own. This will prevent them from being able to remove you from your own clan should any sort of arguments or disputes arise later.

If you forgot to take these precautions or somehow your clan was still compromised and you are the founder of your community, please contact [email protected] Include your Xfire username, a link to your Xfire clan and a brief description of the issue and how it occurred.